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Genie S40 40' Straight Boom Lift

Genie S40 40' Straight Boom Lift

Genie® S®-40 telescopic booms increase productivity with the traction and drive speed needed to get around jobsites and work areas. These units are designed to easily maneuver in tight spaces on construction and industrial sites.




  • 360˚continuous rotation turntable for quick positioning
  • Automatic axle position adjustments for the increased terrainability and positive traction drive to maintain equal power to all drive wheels
  • Rotating, self-leveling platform with hydraulic platform rotation for easy positioning
  • Dual-fuel (gas or LPG) options available for indoor/outdoor applications
  • Rental Information

    Call Now for Pricing.


  • Specifications

    Working Height 46 ft | S-40: 14.20 m
    Horizontal Reach 31 ft 8 in | 9.67 m
    Below Ground Reach 3 ft 2 in | 0.97 m
    Platform Capacity 500 lb | 227 kg
    Width and Length 7 ft 6 in, 24 ft 3 in 2.30 m


  • Additional Information

    10% Liability, waived if liability insurance certificate is produced

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